So you want to be a WYBC DJ?

Join the best community on or off of Yale's campus!

Applications for WYBC open at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.

The Spring 2022 application is now open and can be accessed at this link. The application will close on February 7th, 2022 <3 .


  • Broadcast - Do you want a show on Then this is the department for you!
  • Sports - Get involved with Yale's sports community and learn how to call games. (Golf? Hockey? The world is yours!)
  • Events - Do you like live music? Or social gatherings for radio members? Join Events.
  • Podcast - A new and exciting department here at WYBC focusing on podcast format news pieces.
  • Design - Keep radio cool by joining Design and creating sick posters and merch.
  • Zine - Join Yale's only (and best) music-focused publication Relatively Dark Blue Neither Purple Nor Green.
  • Web - Our website is new and on the up-and-up. Join Web if you are interested in getting involved with that or our social media presence.


After you apply, we will be in contact about core training, which is required for everyone. At core training, you will sign up for the departments that you are interested in. The first half of the semester is spent completing our training requirements and then after that you will be inducted into WYBC as a full member.

If you are applying as an associate member (anyone other than a Yale undergrad), there are a few additional requirements that we will be in touch about.

Any questions can be addressed to

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