MNEMONIC explores the relationship between music and memory; that is, music as a transportive time machine, deep repository of memory, and mnemonic device. Each week, I will invite my classmates to share songs that remind them of specific people, places, or moments in time. I hope that this exchange of memories will help us discover things about each other that we’d never discover otherwise — and create a space outside the School of Art for us to engage in meaningful and memorable dialogue.  

      11:00pm, 5-16-2019
      11:00pm, 5-5-2019
      11:00pm, 4-28-2019
      11:00pm, 4-21-2019
      11:00pm, 4-14-2019
      11:00pm, 3-31-2019
      11:00pm, 3-24-2019
      11:00pm, 2-24-2019
      11:00pm, 2-17-2019
      11:00pm, 2-10-2019
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