Mixed Media

    • Fridays, 10:00pm11:00pm

    For the most part, I never know what to play on Mixed Media until the show begins every Friday. The first song, whether that's a Cumbia, Hip-Hop, Pop, or R&B song, can determine the direction the night is going. Sometimes I have a theme in mind and play all one genre or a whole album front to back. Sometimes I do all vinyl sets, but mostly it is just me going through my likes on Spotify and letting that be my guide. Occasionally, friends working in a multitude of artistic mediums join me on the air.

    Mixed Media
    10:00pm, 3-17-2023
    10:00pm, 2-17-2023
    10:00pm, 2-10-2023
    10:00pm, 1-20-2023
    10:00pm, 12-30-2022
    10:00pm, 12-9-2022
    10:00pm, 12-2-2022
    10:00pm, 11-25-2022
    10:00pm, 11-18-2022
    10:00pm, 11-11-2022
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