dj slugs dan and aust, playing your favorite music (well, our favorite music)
A foray into the wonderful worlds of indie and hip-hop, with your trusty companions DJ LZ and DJ BERG.
DJ Dad Rock takes a 20th century adventure.
putting the "alt" in gestalt therapy
a time to hang out and chill with your homies while we play songs that we think illuminate the good in friendships
"All Songs Considered."
shoegaze as a substitute for emotional warmth
Rock'n'roll is weird - and we can prove it. Each week, we tell a different story about the history of modern music, playing songs from across the decades.
It's alternative, it's garage, it's experimental, it's progressive- A new take on "the devil's music."
Thoughts, musings, stories, and ruminations on how college and our lives have shaped us thus far, and the music that's been the soundtrack along the way.
The computer picks the topic; we pick the playlist and start a conversation.
A spotlight on all the finest new releases!
A weekly study into what defines the "punk" genre and if songs could/should be classified as "punk"
You will hear one hambone song per episode.
Heavy Metal like you've never heard it before! This show focuses on the wide range of artists and styles that make up the metal genre, with a mix of classic and lesser-known artists from around the world interspersed with some light commentary.
have you ever wanted to hear two people talk way too much? and play really epic music? this show is for you
"Imaginary gardens with real toads in them"
bry and sarah dump whatever thoughts + songs have been on their minds into the soup of yale radio
is kanye okay? all my homies are worried about kanye
Two roommates. Big Mouths. A lot to talk about. Bops will ensue.
the psychoanalysis you didn’t ask for. with love from ur favorite theater major misanthropes
A weekly dissection of one underappreciated and musically significant 21st century album.
carmen and jo talk to friends and listen to music and change the world. every week new guest, new animal, new car, same songs, we sing
Threads through genre, culture, and history. How does sampling tell stories? How do those stories change across boundaries? What are the ethics of differing contexts, compensation, and media sampling?
A late night show (early morning, for now) for indie lovers.
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