DJ Dad Rock takes a 20th century adventure.
Music from movies
m8! Defo tune in for late night yarns about language and radicalism and some sick contemporary music
Feel Good Music!! Making you laugh and smile at the end of your week. Tune in Thursdays at 8pm!
Stories support songs ! Follow us on twitter @graceandnoah
Old music. New music. Now after dark.
Join Soph, Alexis and Dimitri as we play some fun tunes & have funner convos. We <3 u! (and we're not actually sad. in fact we r v happy)
Media madness! Listen to movie scores, tv show themes, and video game soundtracks. DJ Nardog and DJ Koul offer the freshest commentary. >:D
we're back baby! come get music + musings from your favorite feminist publication at Yale <3
Mariel and Noah briefly talk about current events before getting sidetracked by conspiracy theories, Georgia, and Roma -> Bangkok. Oh and then we play music about it!
Rock'n'roll is weird - and we can prove it. Each week, we tell a different story about the history of modern music, playing songs from across the decades.
Are you an angsty teen? Do you want to listen to good music from multiple genres? Either way, Holdance Caulfun is the right show for you. Listen every Monday at 2:00 PM.
a time to hang out and chill with your homies while we play songs that we think illuminate the good in friendships
two people talking about what they don't know, to the tune of music they don't know
Just two friends, streaming their consciousness.
Let's take a deep dive and see where it all started. From the ice age to today's polluted era we trace who inspired who, one artist at a time.
yale ladies chatting about being ladies at yale
IN TRANSIT curates the sounds that might accompany a specific journey, be it taking the subway from home to work, or transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Tune in each week to let your co-hosts, dj jack and dj lena, take you places.
It's alternative, it's garage, it's experimental, it's progressive- A new take on "the devil's music."
tune in and listen sue and arese: two lovers on a mission
Anya and Ella dive deep into your nichest emotions.
Dr. Rock's Waiting Room: providing the antidote to rock radio by showcasing the musical stylings of pioneering figures in the genres of yacht rock, lounge, exotica, easy-listening, elevator music, library music, and other OG vinyl-era oddities.
bops bops bops
skort skôrt/ (noun): 1. a pair of shorts with a flap across the front (and sometimes also the back) to give the appearance of a skirt. 2. the soundtrack of your childhood curated by two early aughts enthusiasts with a penchant for nostalgia.
join us for some of the best nighttime jams this world has to offer
A variety show featuring music, social commentary, and debates about what it means to be [insert noun here]. We'll be spinning the tracks that our thoughts lead us to, so buckle up and come along with us!
A show that makes you think outside the box. Join us to argue about what we're arguing about — from sports to culture and everything in between — but don't expect us to make any substantive progress of any kind.
Each week, we choose a theme and then bring you 8 to 10 songs around that theme. Lightly inspired by "This American Life," and more importantly, by Ira Glass.
An eclectic mix of indie and dance to get ya through the morning schlump.
The computer picks the topic; we pick the playlist and start a conversation.
A Cali native's evolving indie pop love letter to the west coast, sunny days, walk signals, and optimism.
Bound by fast friendship and a deep-rooted love of Simon and Garfunkel, DJ CYAN (Colin and Aparna) explore classical, jazz, indie rock, rap, and good ole' S&G. Tune in for banter, book reviews, and great music!
a variety show! we banter, we play music, we have fun! tune in!!
A music trivia show that proves you can trace any artist to any other artist in the small world of the music industry. Enjoy an eclectic playlist sprinkled with nuggets of knowledge from a guy who spends too much time on Discogs.
BIG KITSCH ENERGY aims to explore obscure, odd, and/or stupid albums, artists, and vibes. Buckle up.
Turns out Boy Brow is not vegan after all!
A spotlight on all the finest new releases!
Very few wrong notes.
Each week, DJ Marcaroni plays an random cassette tape just for you!
Join me as I try to convince my guests to freestyle verses to Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.
mia and orven expose their crippling addiction to their phones while also listening to some dope new releases.
You will hear one hambone song per episode.
co-signed by co-star
each week we pick a different number and derive a musical theme based off of the general impression that number gives to the hosts and guests.
Who?? What?? When?? Really??
Join us as I try to connect two unrelated (or not so much) songs. Kind of like in that Will Smith movie but with songs instead of people.
A deep dive into some of our favorite hip hop tracks of yesterday and today. Ever wonder what impact your favorite song had on music and society as a whole? Come chat with us as we aim to discover this and so much more.
sound-tasting menu, an amusical-bouche if you will
we watch a movie and then come up with our own soundtracks to accompany it! indie music boys and "what do you mean you haven't seen pulp fiction??" film bros are shaking in their boots!
we're no longer crying... or so we hope @wybcspilledmilk on instagram
Attuned with your emotions is a show that incorporates various musical genres with your day to day emotions. Feeling happy? Sad? Anything at all? If you answered these questions, directly or indirectly, attuned with your emotions is the place to be.
me me me me me me me me. playing what i want when i feel like it. deal with it! sounds of songs, astrology sermons, and tarot readings on odd-numbered days. me me me. me me. me, and you <3
We've been into a lot of different genres over the years. Every week we talk about the music scenes we've been into and whether we'd still listen to them today.
1 work of art. 1 hour of music. 2 cool gals.
SPF 50 is an hour of free flowing music and conversation. With tracks from 70s Disco to the latest grooves, there is plenty of great music for everyone.
Weekly dive into the music of specific labels and current music scenes! From Nyege Nyege Tapes to Brixton Windmill-core.
focusing on the literary in the musical
Fun and funky themes are served fresh every week, like "songs that Jesus would have liked" and "songs that make you hungry." What can these lovable scamps learn from the landscape of music? Cohosts: Max Cover & Addison Beer
Each week, we select one word at random from the wikipedia page on "bogs" to serve as our theme. Luke and Claire present a collection of things (audio clips, art, games, songs, etc) that relate to each week's theme and discuss whose is best. Tap in.
A weekly dissection of one underappreciated and musically significant 21st century album.
Threads through genre, culture, and history. How does sampling tell stories? How do those stories change across boundaries? What are the ethics of differing contexts, compensation, and media sampling?
sin & tonic hosts catch up over a 6-hour time difference as PP IS IN POLAND. She will be sipping her morning coffee, and zootiboi could be on various planes of existence. We share stories & tunes as we both take a lil victory lap :)
poetry and tunes from two annoying english majors <3
Are you a girl? This is the show for you. Have you gotten any good rest lately? Didn't think so. Listen to our show. xx ore+anita
A late night show (early morning, for now) for indie lovers.
Big people. Big states. Big feelings. Big music. Big Things. Larry from Alaska and AJ from Texas (the notably smaller state) discuss all things and songs Big.
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