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It’s taken us a ridiculously long time to get this together, but Lance & Fabi’s Excellent Adventure is finally available in podcast form, free for download! The podcasts are mostly complete but sometimes begin mid-song because we get preoccupied and forget to record. Unfortunately, there’s no podcast for our first show of the semester on Yeezus. Anyway, enjoy and be sure to watch out for the addition of new episodes! Below are links to Episodes 2-6 – enjoy!

UPDATE: All episodes from this semester are now available! See you all in Fall 2015!

Episode 2 – 1994
Episode 3 – Warped Tour 2005
Episode 4 – Venus, Planet of Love
Episode 5 – Road Trips
Episode 6 – Conor Oberst (Omaha)
Episode 7 – Arcade Fire (featuring Cindy Hwang)
Episode 8 – 2002
Episode 9 – UK (featuring Anna Cornshucker) 
Episode 10 – Carrollton