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“I Wanna Go Out” — Teen Mom

A week or so ago I happened upon Teen Mom’s “I Wanna Go Out,” a fuzzy, catchy little nugget of wonder, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.   Teen Mom bill themselves as writers of lo-fi love ballads, and while that description holds true with this track, the heart of “I Wanna Go Out” is only half distortion— the other half gives itself up to a driving rhythm and a pretty distinct guitar line.  “I Wanna Go Out” is proportioned just right (sweet but not lacking in edge, simple but not lacking in layers) and deserves its future place in your pre-weekend playlists.


Watch the video, which is a timeless encapsulation of Weird Awkward Ninth Grade Nighttime Gathering. We definitely have all been to this party:


Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out from Merlin on Vimeo.


Teen Mom will release their debut EP, Mean Tom, this Tuesday (!).

- Olivia Valdes