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“Alex, how do you feel about ‘Giant Steps’?” “Fuck that shit. Everyone’s played it. It’s fifty years old, it sounds like crap, write a new song, and stop playing that goddamn song”

Now you might want to attribute that quote to some Jazz haters. But in reality it belongs to BADBADNOTGOOD, a three piece post-bop/jazz outfit from Toronto. They appeared in the public eye via YouTube videos of their odd future covers, some played with Tyler himself, and through subsequent  generated mountains of both hype and haters in the jazz community, the latter calling them disrespectful to the jazz game. And its probably unfair to even call them jazz, considering some of their songs are totally conducive to moshing (see “Hard in da Paint” and “Earl”).

Frankly, most of the songs on their newest album, BBNG2, have little to no jazz sound at all, with their melding of jazz and rap becoming unrecognizable. But it’s a damn good album. Highlights include the crunchy banger “Earl” and “UWM” (both of which include the sexiest of sax solos), the moody cover of odd future  and Gucci Mane songs “Bastard/Lemonade” and the epic cover of Kanye’s “Flashing Lights.”

These guys are taking jazz an hip hop in a new direction, doing songs with earl and some of the songs off RZA’s Man with the Iron Fists. Give ‘em a listen, all their shit is free online anyway.
-Luis Mejia