WYBC Yale Radio
WYBC in 1956

“Both the Banner and WYBC are [low on pizzazz]. But whereas the former is busy, the latter is frenetic. All this excitement puzzles us. At least the OCD editors read the News, but nobody listens to WYBC, as it is physically impossible to give a broadcast and listen to it at the same time. If you can visualize a highly organized staff of over 100 people, each working 20 hours a week with all the requisite equipment and funds to keep one man talking for 12 hours a day, 200 days a year — into what amounts to a tin can — you have WYBC, “Yale’s Fastest Growing Organization”‘. No one knows how, where, or why. But still it goes on. And year after year more and more people feel more and more important with less and less reason.”

– from Inside Eli