Walter Camp Awards Edition: Interviews with Herm Edwards and John Anderson, NFL Predictions, and More!

We hope everyone is well-rested and ready for a new semester. We jumped right back into things on SportsWeek with a special edition last night focusing on the Walter Camp Awards Dinner that took place last Saturday on the Yale campus. Konrad Coutinho and I were there at the beginning of the event, and we had the chance to interview both former NFL coach Herm Edwards and ESPN’s John Anderson, while also snapping some pics of Heisman winner Johnny Manziel and Walter Camp winner Manti Te’o (no comment). You can find both those interviews in our podcast, along with talk about the weekend that was and the weekend to come in the NFL. Tayo finishes things up with a great monologue about the success of F.C. Barcelona this season.


The podcast player can be found below! And stay tuned for regular episodes of SportsWeek starting in a couple weeks.

  • 2:00 — What sports-related things did we do over break?
  • 4:20 — Complete coverage and debate of the NFL Playoffs
  • 28:25 — We talk about our experience at the Walter Camp Awards
  • 35:50 — Interview with ESPN’s John Anderson
  • 44:05 — Interview with Herm Edwards
  • 51:00 — Quick Yale sports update
  • 53:30 — Sports Underscores with Tayo Ajayi
Photos after the jump:

There was a mob of people trying to get close…

…but we eventually got up to the front with Johnny Football and Manti (no comment).