Pre-The Game Edition: Aircraft Carriers, Curfews, and Tyler Varga!

Just a couple days away from the Harvard-Yale Game — we get you ready with a preview and an interview with top-10 FCS running back Tyler Varga ’15. Plus, discussions on topics including college basketball games on aircraft carriers, Tommy Tuberville, and the omnipresent Lakers. Full lineup below:

  • 1:35 —  Future of aircraft carrier games
  • 8:40 — Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville’s attack on a graduate assistant (GIF below)
  • 13:10 — Mike Leach and controversy at Washington State
  • 19:00 — Debate: Auburn’s new curfew regulations for football players
  • 25:30 — SPECIAL LISTENER QUESTION about the Premier League
  • 29:30 — Lakers: Mike Brown –> Mike D’Antoni?!
  • 38:50 — Interview with Yale running back Tyler Varga ’15
  • 44:00 — Harvard-Yale discussion
  • 52:45 — Sports Underscores with Tayo Ajayi: Landon Donovan and the face of U.S. soccer


Decide for yourself – Should Tommy Tuberville be suspended?