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Sunday, May 5
Where Is the Love?: How Hip-Hop Got Hard

Statistics say about 90 percent of pop songs are about love. The Grammy Awards and critical recognition show hip-hop continues to be marginalized in mainstream music culture despite increasing acceptance in public opinion. Hip-hop as a genre, while underrepresented, is underrepresentative itself—of love.   This past New Years’ Eve my friends and I were counting…

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Thursday, April 18
These Recent Events

I like to keep an open mind, I love opinions and suggestions even more.   I really want to know what you, yes you who is reading this, think and/or feel about these recent events and absurd happenings. The beginning of 2013 has not been the best, from Sandyhook to the President being sent a letter…

Single Review

Thursday, April 4

Somewhere in the snarl “Monomania,” you can hear the mournful melodicism that’s made Deerhunter into the deserving critics’ darlings they are – somewhere, but it’s not obvious. The lead single from their upcoming album of the same title, “Monomania” is ragged and decidedly unrestrained, a throwback to days on the Atlanta basement circuit. Bradford Cox’s…

Album Review

Friday, March 22
The Strokes “Comedown Machine”

The Strokes have always been the epitome of cool, but on Comedown Machine, they’ve gotten too cool for their own good. The fifth album from rock and roll’s official New York darlings features an array of tense and sultry tunes, taut webs of guitar and drums that shift tonalities with Julian Casablancas’ trademark ease, but rather than erupt into…


WYBC goes to South by Southwest 2013.

Tuesday, March 19
Non-hipster travels: Austin – Keeping it weird by not keeping it weird

It’s no secret that Austin is… a creative place, to say the least. Hipsters, artists, and recent college grads make their homes in Austin after trying out several other areas (at least half the locals I’ve met moved here from other parts of Texas, Cali, and the Midwest!). According to Wikipedia, the best source of…