Album Review

Monday, October 21
Review: ALEX G / RL KELLY – SPLIT 7”

In addition to sharing an affinity for homespun, melancholy folk music, Philadelphia’s Alex Giannascoli and Los Angeles’ Rachel Levy share a frustrating nominal quality with respect to their solo projects. Giannascoli records under a shortened version of his name, Alex G – a name that happens to be shared by an insipid YouTube star who…


Tuesday, September 24
Review: Vampire Weekend at Barclays Center

Vampire Weekend used to be a millenial buzzword. The band was once just a crew of Columbia University students turned indie rockers, or “those white privileged kids masquerading as Afro-beat hipsters,” or the infamous recipients of the Contra cover-girl’s legal wrath. They made music that was fun to bop to. Even their depreciators would covertly…

Innocence & Experience

Clean living and dirty lyrics: we dance and drink and sing to hip-hop beats like it ain’t no thing…

Sunday, May 5
Where Is the Love?: How Hip-Hop Got Hard

Statistics say about 90 percent of pop songs are about love. The Grammy Awards and critical recognition show hip-hop continues to be marginalized in mainstream music culture despite increasing acceptance in public opinion. Hip-hop as a genre, while underrepresented, is underrepresentative itself—of love.   This past New Years’ Eve my friends and I were counting…

Daily Archive

Thursday, April 18
These Recent Events

I like to keep an open mind, I love opinions and suggestions even more.   I really want to know what you, yes you who is reading this, think and/or feel about these recent events and absurd happenings. The beginning of 2013 has not been the best, from Sandyhook to the President being sent a letter…

Single Review

Thursday, April 4

Somewhere in the snarl “Monomania,” you can hear the mournful melodicism that’s made Deerhunter into the deserving critics’ darlings they are – somewhere, but it’s not obvious. The lead single from their upcoming album of the same title, “Monomania” is ragged and decidedly unrestrained, a throwback to days on the Atlanta basement circuit. Bradford Cox’s…