Tuesday, February 18
Radio Profile: COOLIFORNIA on Saturdays, 5-6 PM

Written by Isabelle Rossi de Leon It’s White Iris Records week on COOLIFORNIA, and DJs Rambam and Ofellow are engaging in a deep analysis of the “fuck-it mentality” of punk rock through the lens of FIDLAR’s track “No Waves.” This passionate discourse is exemplary of Ryan Mera Evans and Jared Fellows’ radio show, which profiles a…


Thursday, February 13
Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap (2013)

Written by Fabian Fernandez “Even better than I was the last time,” preaches the gospel choir on Chancelor Bennet’s second mixtape – a triumphant reintroduction. This mixtape for me will always be associated with warm summer nights in the midwest riding bikes and stargazing– those hot day with sun-soaked mornings and technicolor dreams. In the…

Innocence & Experience

Clean living and dirty lyrics: we dance and drink and sing to hip-hop beats like it ain’t no thing…

Thursday, January 16
The Legend Goes On: 2pac’s Undying Life-Force

No rapper has overcome the laws of nature as much as Tupac Shakur. Pac was peerless in his living rap career, and has now moved further, performing and releasing albums from beyond the grave.   Not long ago a friend challenged me to debate whether we should have 2pac-hologram concerts. Granted the apparition performer cannot…

Album Review

Monday, October 21
Review: ALEX G / RL KELLY – SPLIT 7”

In addition to sharing an affinity for homespun, melancholy folk music, Philadelphia’s Alex Giannascoli and Los Angeles’ Rachel Levy share a frustrating nominal quality with respect to their solo projects. Giannascoli records under a shortened version of his name, Alex G – a name that happens to be shared by an insipid YouTube star who…


Tuesday, September 24
Review: Vampire Weekend at Barclays Center

Vampire Weekend used to be a millenial buzzword. The band was once just a crew of Columbia University students turned indie rockers, or “those white privileged kids masquerading as Afro-beat hipsters,” or the infamous recipients of the Contra cover-girl’s legal wrath. They made music that was fun to bop to. Even their depreciators would covertly…