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Friday, November 21
This Was a Sampling Sport: How Copyright Put Chains on Hip-Hop

  Hip-hop began as a culture of appropriating, of sampling, of taking existing sounds, chopping them up, and lacing them back together with words that reclaimed power. Throughout the 1980s, early hits by the Sugar Hill Gang, Public Enemy and Run-DMC made no apology for building off the sounds of others, but soon a copyright…


Sunday, March 23
Review: Cults at The Space, Hamden, CT, 2/19/14

Written by Stefanie Fernandez The New York indie pop duo Cults possesses a much larger presence than the cramped, intimate atmosphere of The Space might suggest. The Hamden, CT venue, which bears more resemblance to a grungy version of the diner from Happy Days than a music club, is clearly a place where relatively obscure touring musicians can…


Thursday, March 6
Kanye ‘n’ Me

Written by Samuel Frampton In some ways, it’s easy to make fun of Kanye West.  Yeah, he interrupted Taylor Swift at the Grammys, dissed George Bush on national television, sold a bunch of plain white t-shirts for $120 each, briefly served as the mascot for an online cryptocurrency, and formally declared himself a god. And yeah,…


Tuesday, March 4
Arctic Monkeys live at Agganis Arena, Boston MA, 2/6/14

Written by Isabelle Rossi de Leon Boston’s massive Agganis Arena continued to fill up as Deerhunter took the stage. Though seemingly uncomfortable with such a large audience, the critically lauded Atlanta-based five piece played a stellar, though largely overlooked, forty-five minute set under blue and green lights that matched the tone of their moody shoegaze.…


Thursday, February 27
MØ – Bikini Daze EP (2013)

  Written by Isabelle Savoie MØ – “XXX 88″ (feat. Diplo) I found out about her completely by chance. Scrolling aimlessly through my Twitter feed (as I am wont to do), I saw that the Swedish summer music festival, Way Out West, had announced that she would be performing there this year.  Karin Marie Ørsted (aka MØ) is…