Translation Party

Join us for a jam-packed soundtrack to life’s unexpected twists. (ooooh…) Musical refreshments will be served

Wednesday, April 2

  Baby, I’m flying. And so can you. All you have to do is listen to Translation Party’s podcasted take on flying right here, right now.

Basic Sounds

Sounds from the Underground.
Sounds to make you Move.

Wednesday, April 2
Basic Sounds 3.08

  Fun show this week…thanks to those who hopped on live…next week txdr will be guestmixing; until then, tracklist after the jump.

Shows (current)

Tuesday, April 1
WYBC Yale Radio

WYBC station news and events

Monday, March 31
“The Cooler” 3-31-14

New week, new episode. Lots of sports topics on the horizon, including the Final Four.

Business Talk

In-depth interviews with leading figures from the world of business.

Monday, March 31
“Business Talk with Jim Campbell” – The Domestic Energy Revolution & The Billionaire Frackers

Wall Street Journal Special Writer Greg Zuckerman uncovers the entrepreneurial wildcatters who found new energy sources in places like North Dakota by fracking – where Big Oil had given up – and set the US on a path towards becoming energy independent, while making billions of dollars – some of whom were near being broke…