SportsWeek 4/24 — NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft, and the Yale Year in Review

Our last episode of the semester, featuring Evan Frondorf and David Carty. Thanks for listening all year
— it has certainly been memorable. Here’s the full lineup:


  • 1:10 — NBA Playoffs: Kobe’s tweets, the on-fire Knicks, and Stephen Curry’s first trip to the postseason (13 minutes)
  • 14:00 — NFL Draft: our analysis may be two days old, but the overall themes still ring true (12 minutes)
  • 26:00 — A rare soccer coverage sighting on SportsWeek! Man U’s Premier League title and the semifinal legs of the Champions League. (5 minutes)
  • 32:10 — The Steubenville High School football coach got a contract extension after last year’s scandal…why?  (4 minutes)
  • 36:30 — With one move this week, the ACC may have effectively put an end to conference realignment. What are the consequences? (12 minutes)
  • 48:55 — Evan and David look back at the year in Yale Athletics. (5 minutes)


Podcast player is posted below!