SportsWeek 10/3 Podcast — Return of the Refs, Tebow and the Jets, and The Whaling Crew!

After a quick crash course in Audacity, the podcast is ready! Tayo, Sun-Kyu, and I talk about the return of NFL referees, Adam Greenberg’s emotional at-bat for the Marlins, and fines for flopping in the NBA. Then Tayo puts on his best Skip Bayless impression to argue that Tim Tebow should start for the Jets. Finally, I talk with Andrew Sobotka, leader of The Whaling Crew, to hear his thoughts on the lack of enthusiasm for Yale athletics. It’s almost a full hour of sports talk — click the link below and enjoy!

SportsWeek 10.3


Whaling Crew logo looking a bit like the Yale “Y” and old Hartford Whalers logo combined…