SportsWeek 10/17 Podcast — Pesky Cardinals, Peyton’s Comeback, and Movin’ the Nets to BK

On this edition of SportsWeek:


  • Tayo says the Yankees will fall in the ALCS, but thinks that isn’t necessarily something to celebrate (1:35).
  • Then Tayo breaks out the metaphors to call the Cardinals “pesky insects” of the playoffs (5:30).
  • We all pleasantly agree that Peyton Manning is back and here to stay after his MNF comeback (9:38).
  • Sun-Kyu and Tayo betray their own college football conference allegiances to debate the future of the Big East and ACC (17:10).
  • Evan pretends he knows about the USMNT and World Cup qualifying (24:26).
  • Next, Evan obsesses over the Barclays Center and the really cool lighting set-up (30:50).
  • We discuss Yale football woes and missing kickoff tees (?) (42:30).
  • Tayo carries us to the end with an important message about integrity at Notre Dame (52:20)


That’ll do it! Pick and choose, or listen to the whole thing! The podcast player is posted below, along with the link for the download.