Goodbye, March Madness

Goodbye, March Madness

This year, you were kind of dull

Maybe it was “March Monotony” after all.

Look at all the talent in play, they exclaim

Sure, but just because a deer can run and jump

Doesn’t mean you put him in the game. (thanks Sir Charles)


Goodbye, March Madness

No buzzer beaters, no moments that made me say “wow”?

Instead, it was just about the unibrow.

Please, I wasn’t trying to be picky

I just wanted a last-second trey from Matt Dickey.

Whatever, Calipari

Don’t be sorry

Though I can’t stand to know

That you’re going to stick around til’ you go 40-0.


With that said, join Evan Frondorf and Sun-Kyu Kim for WYBC SportsWeek at 7:30 tonight. We’ll be talking about Jeremy Lin’s season-ending injury, the state of Yale recruiting, and if it’s right for Joey Votto to make an estimated $45,000 per at bat for the next 10 years.