Sonic Marathon
Part Two: Where Is The Duende? with Indrani Krishnan

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5:30 PM, Sunday, September 1st.

I’m joined by my roommate and beautiful friend, Indrani Krishnan-Lukomksi.

We read the opening scene of my play-in-progress, SummerNight Drifts.

How do you kill the demons living inside of you?

We read an excerpt from Federico Garcia Lorca’s essay on The Duende.

The Duende is a torment that inspires you to write, but haunts you and wants to kill you. Artists must find the Duende to create.

We talk about cultural translation, finding personal truths, accessing the personal truths of others.

Indrani reads an excerpt from Las Bodas de Sangre, by Federico Garcia Lorca

Marc lashes out against everyone at the end. He does not want people to make sense of things for him.



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