Sonic Meditations
Sonic Meditations 2 – Marc DeWitt & The Father

Sonic Meditations

A Critically Sincere Aural Memoir Diary

Carl Chen, Marc DeWitt, Yasushi Tanaka-Gutiez*

*Yasushi was MIA due to Nemo the Blizzard

Episode 2:

Marc Dewitt

2/8/2013, Friday, 4 pm~ EST


The Father

Sonic Background:

Stumbleine – Mixtape 3 / Four Tet – Rounds (2003)


Marc’s Aural Tracklist:

How to Dress Well – Set It Right
Bloc Party – Pioneers
Foals – Spanish Sahara
Pinback – Loro


Marc’s Opening Diary Entry:

I felt nothing. And I told him I felt nothing. He said he did too. Said he didn’t enjoy spending time with me, and that I treated him like shit. He said he loved me, but he didn’t really like me.  That’s not really how I felt though. I used to. I used to feel anger, burning, riveting anger, and maybe even delight from the feeling. Vindicated.
But now nothing. Told him I was exhausted.


In a weird way, I felt at peace, somewhat relieved. There wasn’t love, no sort of forgiveness or reconciliation either. Just, well, nothing.


Maybe I couldn’t stay angry forever, I knew I didn’t want to. Maybe I learned to give it up.


That was over a month ago and that’s the last conversation I have had with my father.