fsck 50 — Internet Advertising

This is our 50th episode (so old), with original hosts Sean and Sherwin guesting via Skype.

Talking about:
– Kickstarters Fiction Fingerprinting and SPORTSFRIENDS featuring the game Johann Sebastian Joust! Why it’s called that, we don’t know.

Amazon in Ubuntu?

– INTERNET ADVERTISING: Does it work? Why are web ads still so annoying? Why can’t we just “share” instead of “advertise”?

– Protip: Create a Wikipedia account and go to the settings if you want to hide that huge donation banner.

– Tweets from @Bill_Nye__Tho at 40:35

And that’s it! We’re done for the semester, but we’ll be back. Follow our Twitter for updates and check out our archives (almost all 50 are up)!