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  • Groklaw will stop posting after eight years of defending Free Software/Linux against SCO lawsuit. Original mission, which was to pick apart the legal claims of SCO, is more or less accomplished, and the paralegal who writes the blog is drawing down her posts.
  • digiKam 2.0 (photo management application) gets facial recognition and tagging
  • GeoHot case has been settled with Hotz agreeing to a permanent injunction from Sony, public apologies all around
  • Twitter to kill Ruby-on-Rails with Java engine named “Blender.” Sherwin suggest that they put it in one.
  • Cisco kills the Flip video camera :(
  • Paul Ceglia (suing Facebook over a contract Zucky signed) lowering his asking stake in the Fb from 84 to 50%

Quantum computing

pkill -9: Graf_chokolo served by Sony, gets his equipment taken away; Sony not done shutting people down for putting OtherOS back on PS3; USAF not pleased by removal of OtherOS
Protips: Lilliput USB monitors (Lunox compat.), Audiotool, Tweetbot
Perlisism: (69) In a five-year period we get one superb programming language. Only we can’t control when the five-year period will be.

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