fsck #11 with Akshay Duda

with guest, Akshay Duda


  • Upcoming guests announcement
  • Nokia cuts 9000 jobs due to its outsourcing of Symbian OS, which is expected to die out in favor of movement towards WP7
  • John Dragoon, Marketing Chief/Chef leaves Novell as the merger with Attachmate was finalized yesterday. Sad to see Novell go, they made some cool stuff back in the day (90s).
  • fsck special report: bug found in iOS relating to notification scheduling that will brick your phone. According to author, your device will be “fscked.”
  • Mozilla to speed up 2D rendering on Firefox to make it even faster, whether it beats Chrome yet is to be seen
  • Amazon’s ElasticCloudComputing had an outage on Saturday, 1:15 a.m. PT. Reddit, Twilio, SmugMug, Netflix, SimpleGeo, and many other services relying on the system were affected. What’s that about cloud computing?


pkill -9: Bedrock Computer Technologies v. Google judgment (being appealed)
Protips: BeagleBoard XM, rubberbanding.com, get a job
Perlisism: (31) Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.

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