Business Talk
Business Talk with Jim Campbell – The Criminal Indictment of SAC & On Steven A. Cohen with a Powerhouse Lineup

A blockbuster panel on the recent indictment of SAC Capital for allowing a culture of pervasive insider trading to exist. The Feds narrowing in on the billionaire hedge fund owner of SAC – “Stevie” Cohen.

With a POWERHOUSE lineup of experts:

Gretchen Morgenson – Assistant Business & Finance Editor of The New York Times

Charles Gasparino – Senior Business Correspondent for the Fox Business Network and author of a new book on insider trading – “Circle of Friends”

William D. Cohan – Contributing Editor for Fortune Magazine; Vanity Fair magazine and Bloomberg and the author of seminal books on Wall Street – “House of Cards” about the fall of Bear Stearns and “Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World”

…and calling in from India….Anita Raghavan – author of “Billionaire’s Apprentice: The Fall of the Galleon Hedge Fund” about how the Feds using wiretaps nabbed billionaire Raj Rajaratnum and former CEO of the prestigious consulting firm, McKinsey, Rajat Gupta, on insider trading….with Rajaratnum now serving 11 years in prison; and Gupta convicted.