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Business Talk with Jim Campbell – Leading Wall Street Journalist on Hedge Civil War; on Insider Trading and JPMorgan “London Whale” Trading Losses Scandal

William D. Cohan – Vanity Fair Magazine and Bloomberg Contributing Editor and author of Wall Street books – on the fall of Bear Stearns; Lazard Freres; and Goldman Sachs – on the hedge fund civil war oover whether nutrition supplement company, Herbalife, is an illegal pyramid scheme and a ponzi scheme or a legitimate business. Hedge fund titans have made bets on both sides.

Then will SAC Capital’s Steve Cohen be nabbed on insider trading charges as the noose tightens….and also…..

“What did Jamie Know, and when did he know it?”….What did JMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon know and when did he know it about the “London Whale” $6-billion trading losses scandal that the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations just looked into. (See last week’s podcast of interview with Subcommittee lead counsel Allison Murphy.) Bill Cohan comments on the “bad behavior” of the bank.