Basic Sounds
Basic Sounds 3.03



Back this week. Great episode, lively chat. We will be live every week from now on out, some special guest episodes to come. Tracklist after the jump:


John Coltrane – Equinox

Dirk Serries – Microphonics III

towr – Endings

Pinch – Chamber Dub

Martyn – All I Have Is Memories

Dro Carey – Lose My Head (remix feat Trim)

Horsepower Productions – Kingstep

Grown Folk – Block Is Hot

jj – Kill Them

DJ Ford Foster – Space Demonz

Kevin Gates – Don’t Know

Shackleton – Undeadman

Appointment – Reel to Real Track 01

DJ Rod Lee – Timz

Fluxion – Pendoulous

House Syndicate – Chicanos II

The Artist Formerly Known as 19.454. – Speed Bomb (Skudge Remix)

Tyree – I’m Free

Eomac – Husk

Hot Chip – One Pure Thought (Supermayer Remix)

No Fixed Abode – Indian Street Slang

MGUN – Funnel Vision

Joey Anderson – Press Play

Martyn – Is This Insanity ft Spaceape (Ben Klock mix)

Basic House – No Lotion (No Fuck L.K. Mix)

95 North – Let Yourself Go (Dub 1 Mix)

STL – Bronson

Jessy Lanza – Against the Wall

Linkwood – What’s Up With The Drums

Four Tet – Everything is Alright