Basic Sounds
Basic Sounds 3.01

BasicSoundsSmallFirst episode back and it feels so good. Tracklist after the jump.

Basic Sounds Intro
Fatima – Innervisions
Cloudface – 612
towr – Untitled
Farah – Lockhead
Chicago Damn – Just A Track
Patricia – Plural
Split Saber – Mist (BP Remix)
Robert Dietz – Interrude
Genius of Time – Untitled (Aniara Edit)
Kowton – Stasis (G Mix)
Prince of Denmark – Cut 02
Gerry Read – Been A Lot Of Places Seen A Lot Of Faces
Beautiful Swimmers – The Zoo
Evil Fred – Get On
Mix Mup – After the Job
Heatsick – Re-Engineering
Michael Ozone – Hetrotopia (Young Marco remix)
Sul – Ain’t Bin Idle
Classic Man – Mellow (From The Deep Mix)
Goldffinch – 828
Alden Tyrell & Gerd – Luv Thang (feat. Jessy Allen)
Asusu – Velez
White Material – Lost In Thaw
Unknown – A2
Tessela – Gateway
Mr. G – My Fathers Farda (Mr. G’s Soundboyz Dub)
Pantytec – Elastobabe
Logos – Seawolf
Bambounou – Alpha
Mental Instrum – Dancin Free (Mental Dub) (feat. Angel)
Dub War – Murderous Style