Innocence & Experience
Innocence & Experience Podcast, 5.01.14 (Finale!)


DJ Kiwi Karma and DJ Marga Please (and special mystery guest) bringing you the final episode of season 3 of Innocence & Experience (episode 13, from May 1, 2014). Summer may just barely be visible on the horizon, but the sun has been promising to show up more often and before you know it we will be kicking it short-style up and down the coasts. All winter we have been saving up music to the beat of summer, and we jam-packed it all into one episode (with some special superlatives and dedications to close out the season). What would summer be (at least in Florida) without a car that can get you from anywhere to the beach? If you missed it, check out the podcast forever, and look out for k-lanna’s original rap, “My-95″ about her first wheels. Until September, keep it real and relevant, always!