Your Sonic Life

      Do you remember that one song? You know, the one that you binged after your first breakup? The one that you play all the time to pump yourself up on a run? The one from that one mixtape that you still haven't managed to get out of your head years later? 

      Your Sonic Life is a storytelling show that pins down pivotal moments of a guest's life through the tracks that were most meaningful to them. The format's still in flux, but you'll hear five songs that meant a lot to each guest. We'll listen to them, discuss the music, and discuss the events in guests' lives! Through this sonic scaffolding, we'll build up the life stories of the people who drop by the studio. 

      Tune in every(ish) Saturday evening at 5pm for shows!

      Your Sonic Life
      5:00pm, 11-10-2018
      5:00pm, 9-22-2018