Sunday, March 23
Review: Cults at The Space, Hamden, CT, 2/19/14

Written by Stefanie Fernandez The New York indie pop duo Cults possesses a much larger presence than the cramped, intimate atmosphere of The Space might suggest. The Hamden, CT venue, which bears more resemblance to a grungy version of the diner from Happy Days than a music club, is clearly a place where relatively obscure touring musicians can…


Coverage and analysis of the Yale Bulldogs sports teams

Saturday, March 22
Yale Basketball vs. Holy Cross 6:45pm

Yale travels to Worcester, MA to take on Holy Cross in the second round of the Tournament following the Bulldogs’ dramatic win three days ago. Tune in to Evan Frondorf and Tayo Ajayi starting at 6:45pm.


Coverage and analysis of the Yale Bulldogs sports teams

Wednesday, March 19
Yale Basketball vs. Quinnipiac (CIT 1st round)

Yale Bball is back in the postseason with a chance to take on local rivals Quinnipiac in the first round of the College Insider Tournament. The game starts at 7pm tonight. Audio available on the listen page.

Business Talk

In-depth interviews with leading figures from the world of business.

Tuesday, March 18
“Business Talk with Jim Campbell” – Inside the Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business

Former Associated Press agribusiness investigative journalist, Christopher Leonard, goes inside the “The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business” with a riveting expose of the system that’s allowing a few large businesses to control the meat and chicken markets that’s bankrupting small farmers and resulting in consumers being overcharged.


demystifying technology and revealing greater truths about computing culture with Akshay, Tara and Teshika

Sunday, March 16
fsck 73: technological doping

Missing the Winter Olympics? Check out this one-month old (but newly released) episode of fsck, in which we debated the role of technology in Olympic sports. Also, our Kickstarter of the Week was the wildly successful Wet Diaper Detector Keychain. Listen through to the end for our Protip for Nubs and discover one weird trick that…