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Thursday, October 15
Real Talk E3

With Claudia! RealTalkS1E3

the garage

Tuesday, October 13

This week on THE GARAGE, the garage as a metaphysical space is a cabin in the great Northern woods of Wisconsin, where Bon Iver wrote his 2009 folk landmark album For Emma, Forever Ago. Join us as we parse the themes and melancholies of this beautiful folky gem on an episode where introspection and feelings abound.…


poems songs æsthetics themes

Tuesday, October 13
glossolalia 3: money

money’s kind of everywhere. money often costs too much. here’re some poems, including work from Alan Ginsburg, Joshua Beckman & Langston Hughes . listen also to some great music dealing with themes of venality and poverty: contemplation w nick cave; catharsis w patti smith.   6 october 2015

Business Talk

In-depth interviews with leading figures from the world of business.

Monday, October 12
“Biz Talk with Jim Campbell” – The Toxic Twins – What to do about the Mortgage Giants – Fannie & Freddie

The Toxic Twins…What to do about the U.S. Mortgage Giants – Fannie & Freddie… Are we at risk of another financial meltdown? The government bailed out the Mortgage Giants to the tune of $187-Billion back in 2008….7 years after the crash the Feds are still taking all of Fannie & Freddie’s profits and no action…

White Noise

Sunday, October 11
WHITE NOISE Podcast #3: Djuna Barnes’ “Nightwood”

  Originally broadcast Sunday, October 4th, at 2PM EST. Episode 3 of White Noise features selections from Djuna Barnes’ 1936 novel Nightwood, a compact masterpiece of modernist experimentation and the American ex-pat Barnes’ best known work of fiction. Touching on questions of identity and the destructive potential of love, paired tracks include songs by Angel Olsen, Told…