The Cooler

We know sports. We talk sports. YOU know sports.

Thursday, April 9
“The Cooler” 4-8-15

Tayo and Matt are in the studio once again to bring you the latest in the sports hemisphere. Listen to “The Cooler” this week to hear about the last 5 games of the NBA regular season, the Men’s and Women’s Basketball National Championships, and Opening Day in baseball.

The Golden Fang

Enter the void.

Tuesday, April 7

Now TAYNE I can get into! Tonight (4/7) with Chloe at 9 PM EST. Songs made with computers and/or about computers. The yuppies networking, the panic, the vomit. Okay, computer.

Reel Talk

Monday, April 6
Reel Talk Episode 8

Our favorite TV shows and recommendations for this summer’s binge opportunities!

Business Talk

In-depth interviews with leading figures from the world of business.

Monday, April 6
“Biz Talk with Jim Campbell” – Can Former Google Superstar & Current Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer Save Yahoo

Racing against the high tech competitive clock….Can Google’s Super prodigy…Marissa Mayer save Yahoo! The inside story from a leading tech investigative reporter. Nicholas Carlson is Business Insider’s Chief Correspondent. His investigative reporting has included: Facebook; Twitter; and Groupon. His coverage of Yahoo won Digiday’s award for “Best Editorial Achievement” of the year.

How The Turntables

Sunday, April 5
HOW THE TURNTABLES Podcast #6: Traveling Songs

Originally broadcast live on Sunday, March 29th, at 8PM EST. How The Turntables is a weekly, hourlong, vinyl-only program on WYBCx hosted by Programming Director and Zine editor-in-chief Chris Cappello ’17. *** “I’m changing all my strings / I’m gonna write another traveling song” This week’s broadcast of How the Turntables explored movement and materiality…