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Clean living and dirty lyrics: we dance and drink and sing to hip-hop beats like it ain’t no thing…

Wednesday, November 19
Innocence & Experience Podcast, 11.18.14

Hey buddy! DJ Kiwi Karma here with an episode of the East v. the West–Season 4, Episode 8, from Tuesday, November 18, 2014. Although our bias is toward the East–with special guest Josh from New York (kind of) and your host Kiwi Karma from Florida (though some debate whether FLA is truly the East)–we love…

Chelsea Drugstore

A better hour of British music than Top of the Pops.

Monday, November 17
Chelsea Drugstore: (AFTER) THE YEAR 2000

Unlike the latest Liam Neeson box office smash/millennial period piece A Walk Among the Tombstones, we have all presumably made it past Y2K. So let’s celebrate! Join Chloe tonight (11/17) at 9 PM EST for British tracks from this millennium.

Business Talk

In-depth interviews with leading figures from the world of business.

Monday, November 17
“Biz Talk with Jim Campbell” – Wall Street Whistleblower on How the Markets are Rigged

Haim Bodek – former Goldman Sachs financial quant; Global Head of Volatility Trading at UBS; and former CEO of Trading Machines – blows the whistle on how the exchanges rig the markets in favor of the high frequency trading firms at the expense of the rest of us. It’s “legalized electronic front-running”. A great interview…

Shows (current)

Sunday, November 16
Lo-Finest Episode 13: Women

A show about the feminine side of garage rock.  Bonus analysis of the gendered human condition.

Art World Demystified

Interviews with major figures in the arts, such as Pablo Picasso’s favorite brush.

Sunday, November 16
Ann Landi

Ann Landi has been a contributing editor of ARTnews for nearly 20 years and writes several times a year on art and culture for the Wall Street Journal. She holds degrees in art history from Princeton and Columbia and is the author of the four-volume Schirmer Encyclopedia of Art(2001)