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Sunday, November 22
Mats Hjelm

Mats Hjelm is a visual artist and a documentary filmmaker. With a 20-year long personal attachment to Detroit, beginning with studies at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, he has done several video installations inspired by the city’s political history.  Black Nation (2008) was his first feature documentary film about a Black nationalistic church in Detroit known as the…

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Thursday, November 19
Real Talk with Deanna!



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Wednesday, November 18
glossolalia 9: peace

another week and another dose of levity: we discuss war and peace with classics from the sixties (Dylan, Creedence Clearwater, Buffalo Springfield) and others. Poetry including Lee Young-Lee (“Arise! Go Down”) & Ross Gay (“for some slight i can’t quite recall) original broadcast: 17 Nov., 2015


One great album every week.

Wednesday, November 18
Tonight’s LP is DIG ME OUT

TONIGHT (11/18) at 9 PM Eastern, LP returns to the airwaves with One More Hour of music; specifically, DIG ME OUT, Sleater-Kinney’s earliest magnum opus (since they’re good enough to have more than one, you’ll also hear selections from their other albums tonight). Tune into Dance Party ’97!

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Tuesday, November 17
Chillers and Killers Episode 9