"Biz Talk with Jim Campbell" - Surviving Unemployment with a Former IBMer & 2 Other Guests Who Went Through "Unemploymentville"

“From IBM to Unemployment…The Escape from ‘Uemploymentville’...22 True Stories….

Anne Emerick is a former IBMer who spent a turbulent time in her self-named “Unemploymentville”. Anne is a programmer by day, author by night.  In 2013 like thousands of others, Anne was laid off from her corporate position.  Her subsequent job search brought her two job offers that she accepted, only to have them rescinded just days before she was supposed to start working. Interested in learning what quirky, horrible, or inspiring things were happening to other people who were out of work, Anne created “Unemploymentville.com”, an online community. 

 Anne’s New Book – “Escape from Unemploymentville: Twenty-Two True Stories”.

Two Other Stories....When John Fugazzie was unemployed, he created Neighbors-Helping-Neighbors  a free job search networking & support group that is responsible for helping over 600 members find gainful employment. John is currently the Executive Director for Hudson County/Jersey City Workforce Development Board and an adjunct professor. 

Stephanie Brown - calling in from London - is a property investor, career coach, and author who maintains a successful career in marketing and communications alongside her other vocations. She’s worked for some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Nike. Stephanie is passionate about helping other people realize their potential.

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